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Heavy Duty Mechanic

Grande Prairie

Bear Creek Maintenance has been providing heavy duty mechanic services in Grande Prairie & Area for over 20 years.

Salvage service coming soon. 

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Our Services

Heavy Duty Trucks, Trailers,

Off-Highway Equipment, Welding, 

Rig Ups, CVIPS, and more.

Our Rates

See Heavy Duty Mechanic rates including hourly rates, mobile rates, Diagnostics, CVIPs, and more.


I worked there for 3 months. Marvin is excellent at what he does and a great guy to work for. I'd recommend Bear Creek Maintenance to any mechanic or operator in the area. You cant go wrong!


Bear creek is the best love marv an garret these guys are good an will go the mile to get u rolling had lots of work done they’re
try them out ull like them too


All around pleasant business to deal with. Guy went out of his way even though his shop was full he changed out an air bag in miserable weather and his smile and demeanour never changed. Thanks again good sir.

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(p) 780.814.2335

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(e) bearcr01@gmail.com

1 712016 Range Road 72A

Co. of Grande Prairie No.1