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Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVIP)
in Grande Prairie

If you’re a commercial vehicle on the road a commercial vehicle inspection (CVIPs) is required by law. Bear Creek Maintenance is a licensed Commercial Vehicle Inspection e-Facility operating in Grande Prairie, AB, and area.


We complete CVIPs in Grande Prairie, AB on various units including trucks, trailers, motor coaches, and buses, and offer competitive rates. Our team has over 20 years of experience performing quality inspections that adhere to Alberta Transportation’s guidelines
All customers are offered shuttle service.


Getting a Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVIPs)

In these uncertain times we work with our customers and their individual needs; whether we do the repairs or you do, we are always aware of the bottom line. Our technicians are qualified and offer integrity in every repair job, you can be sure that when your unit is released from our shop it will meet CVIP requirements and be working in fine-tune order. 

Our heavy-duty repair shop’s CVIP rates in Grande Prairie, Alberta

*Wheels off is charged at hourly shop rate on top of inspection flat rate

Upon completion of the inspection, a record of the inspection, outlining all items inspected, will be provided. Reinspection rates are the same as the original CVIP rate. CVIPs do not include repairs and rates do not include parts or GST.

Additional charges will apply if the unit brought in for work is dirty.

CVIP Inspection Checklists

Alberta Transport requires that a CVIP be completed to ensure vehicles operating on Canadian highways are properly maintained and safe. Our team of dependable heavy-duty mechanics review truck-tractor, trailer, and bus CVIP checklists provided by Alberta Transport before placing the certification decal on customers' units. These checklists are provided below.

Getting a Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVIPs) at Bear Creek Maintenance

If you’d like to work with a shop that values its customers’ business and will work hard to make sure you leave with a fully functional and/or fully inspected unit, call us at (780) 933 2327 or email us at to book your unit in!

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