Learn who you're trusting with your equipment repairs, check out the whole Bear Creek Maintenance team!

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Marvin Kinch

Title: Owner / President

Level of Certification: Heavy Equipment Technician

Years in Mechanics: 27 Years

If Marvin isn't working in the shop, he's probably out camping! He loves the outdoors, cooking, and spending time with his family. 

Robbyn Troup

Title: Owner / Office Manager and Parts Manager


Have you called Bear Creek lately? If so, this lovely lady is who you probably spoke to!

Apart from helping run the shop, making sure everyone gets paid, and more, Robbyn also enjoys camping, fishing, playing cards, hanging out with her family and friends, growing her garden (with weeds), Netflix, learning and taking in new things! 

Brian Clark

Title: Mechanic

Level of Certification: Journeyman Heavy Equipment Technician

Years in Mechanics: Lucky 13

Brian grew up in Mannville, AB on a grain farm. He recently moved to Beaverlodge and likes to hunt, play golf and hockey. He also loves spending time with his wife and toddler.

Cloë Troup

Title: Shop Hand (can we say Shop Bitch?)

Level of Certification:

Years in Mechanics: -

Don't be deceived by Cloe's credentials. What she may lack in tangible mechanical experience and education she makes for up in work ethic (which is driven by her love for travel, McDonald's/Starbucks/Tim Hortons, car bills, and an empty wallet).

"Brendan Branden"

Brendan Dupuis

Title: Mechanic

Level of Certification: 2nd Year Heavy Equipment Technician

Years in Mechanics: 4 Years

When Brendan isn't hard at work in the shop, he likes hunting, camping, quadding, ski-dooing, and fishing. A classic outdoorsman!

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Poochie, Shop Cat

Title: Mice Menace

Level of Certification: Meow Master

Experience: Old As Dirt

Poochie is one of the most under-valued team members at Bear Creek. This may be because she loves to spend all day lounging around, sleeping, eating, and causing havoc for the mechanics. However, her hobbies are useful for the team, catching mice, tossing them up in the air.