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Heavy Duty Truck Repair Services
in Grande Prairie

Bear Creek Maintenance offers heavy-duty truck repair services in Grande Prairie, AB and area. Big or small, we fix them all and we work on all makes and models. We can fix anything from a flat tire to installing a new engine and also offer mobile repair services 24/7.


Heavy Duty Truck Repairs at Bear Creek Maintenance

Our shop knows that it's your unit that puts food on the table so we strive to complete our heavy duty truck repairs in a timely manner, all the while considering the bottom dollar. Our shop also knows it's customers by name, not number, and remembers their repair history, which can save you money and time in the long run.

Other heavy duty truck repair services we include, but are not limited to:

  • Troubleshoot & repair

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Electronic engines

  • Suspension Rebuilding

  • Software upgrades

  • Transmission & Differential Overhauls

  • Oil changes with Oil Analysis

  • Repairs and alignment

  • Valve sets

  • Hydraulic system analyzing and repair

  • Clutch and Brake Adjustments

  • Brakes and drive-line repair

  • Grease Jobs

  • Electrical Component Diagnosing and Repair

  • Main Electrical Component Testing

  • All DOT required Services and Repairs

  • Transmission & Differential Rebuilding

  • Air Conditioning Recharge & Overhaul

  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance

  • Engine Repair and/or Replacement

  • Designated Inspection Facility

  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection

What You Can Expect Working with Bear Creek Maintenance

Bear Creek Maintenance has been serving Grande Prairie and Area for over 20 years, taking pride in honest, dependable heavy-duty repair services - it’s what’s helped us survive several economic downturns.


Our team of red-seal mechanics offer trusted, reliable heavy-duty repairs and inspections, and you’ll often see our owners working in the trenches right along the rest of the crew. We want our customers to leave knowing that we did our best and that we value their business.


Require Heavy Duty Truck Repair Services?

If you require heavy-duty truck repair services call us at (780) 933 2327 or email us at

If you require other heavy-duty repair services in Grande Prairie, AB and area browse our list of services or contact our team by phone or email which are listed above.

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