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Heavy Duty Apprenticeship

Our heavy duty shop is family ran, committed to the education and betterment of our staff at all levels. 

Apprenticing at Bear Creek Maintenance Ltd.

For those completing their Heavy Duty Apprenticeship in our shop, it’s important we help them achieve their career goals and aspirations by conducting the following:

Heavy Duty Mechanic Skill Assesment

1-on-1 Skill Assesment

We sit down with our students and conduct a well-rounded assessment of skills

Paid Heavy Duty Apprenticeshp

Paid Apprenticeship

Apprentices receive paid training, certification, and skill advancement

Hands on Heavy Duty Training

Hands-on Training

Apprentices receive hands-on training and support

Heavy Duty Mechanic Skill

Skill Building for Success

We provide tailored guidance on the skills required to succeed

Finding Heavy Duty Education


We support our students in finding the right education 

Apprenticeship Opportunity Contact

Current Opportunities

Start your career with all the right tools, contact us and inquire about available Heavy Duty Apprenticeships

Interested in an Apprenticeship at Bear Creek Maintenance?

For those who continue their Heavy Duty Mechanic careers with Bear Creek Maintenance, we provide continued support and learning opportunities for skill enhancement as well as leadership opportunities.

Email us today at and inquire about any available opportunities.

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