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Repairing Heavy Duty Equipment Since 1997

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Marvin Kinch, owner and President, started Bear Creek Maintenance in Grimshaw August of 1997. Starting out, Marvin mostly worked on off-road heavy equipment including skid steers, graters, and buggies, and heavy duty trucks. At the time, Marvin had one employee working for him as a mechanic’s helper. Around 1999 his wife and co-owner, Robbyn Troup, began helping with the financials of the business.

Marvin Kinch (second on the left, standing row) in his apprenticeship

With a growing family, the two decided to move to Grande Prairie in 2006 where the need for mechanical services was greater. In Grande Prairie, Marvin was working Mill shut-downs and commuting to Peace River every other week for work, all while still operating his heavy duty service truck, servicing customers trucks, trailers, and off-highway equipment on location.

After 12 years, the couple finally decided to incorporate in 2009 and in 2012 they decided to build their first shop, hiring their first heavy-duty apprentice. Having a heavy duty repair shop in Grande Prairie, AB meant Marvin could service his customers better as well as expand he and his wife’s business.

Bear Creek Maintenance's first shop built in 2012

In January 2020, the driven couple decided to expand their shop, adding three more bays to supply their increasing number of customers as well as their heavy duty repair needs. Adding to the shop also offered more space for their growing team to work in.

Expanded shop in 2020

Bear Creek Maintenance has survived a number of economic down turns but they’ve been able to overcome each obstacle because of their long-term repeat customers. “Our shop is reliable and friendly, we’re not just ‘parts changers,’ we replace parts our customers need and consider what will wear out quicker depending on what our customers use their equipment for to. This helps them save money on repair costs. If a farmer came in needing a repair we wouldn’t change every part, costing them $10,000, we’d consider what the equipment utilizes most and repair what will keep the operator safe, giving them a bill of $3,000 instead,” Marvin shares.

Bear Creek Maintenance is an expert and go-to in the heavy-duty repair industry. Marvin and Robbyn are excited about the future and look forward to continuing to provide honest and reliable heavy-duty repair services in Grande Prairie, AB, as well as training more apprenticing heavy-duty mechanics, helping them grow a successful career in the industry.

Brendan Dupuis (heavy duty mechanic) and Robbyn Troup (owner) at the 2020 Bear Creek Maintenance fishing derby

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